Connecting Women, Creating Opportunities


We are

Warmipura is a non-profit Cusco-based organization created by racialized Global South’s women for women in situations of marginalization and poverty.

Our focus is on connecting women worldwide to share our skills, talents, knowledges, co-creating socially responsible and respectful partnerships and enterprises. We believe that when women get together and have access to the right tools, we can build mutually beneficial relationships to fulfill our needs and desires for the future, co-transforming our lives and impacting in communities worldwide.


we do

We CONNECT women to nurture our self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing our talents, voices and power to flourish.

We CO-CREATE alternative ways to use our skills, knowledge and passions to fulfil our own needs and desires for the futures, generating sources of income for economic empowerment.

We INSPIRE women to connect with our creative power within and the wisdom of our bodies.

This provides reconnection to our inner power, and sensibilities to be committed, and responsible towards all our relationships and communities.

We RAISE AWARENESS in our roles as female leaders and as changemakers with the ability to design strategies that benefit both women and men, transforming our lives and impacting our communities.


We do it

We believe that when women get together in mutually beneficial relationships and have access to the right tools, we can build a long-term ability to fulfill our needs and desires for the future, co-transforming our lives and impacting communities worldwide. We are currently setting up Warmpira’s legal foundations in the Global North.


Fiorella Amado

Executive Director Cofounder

Janet Lara

Planning Director  Cofounder

Raquel Dávila

Peruvian Legal Director  Cofounder

Romina Tantaleán

Social Policy Director Cofounder


Partners in Huilloc

Our allies and collaborators are Quechua women from the Huilloc community, located in the Incas Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. They express themselves, their knowledges, and their cultural legacies from the Inca Empire in their unique pieces of textiles. We spent around two years in the community of Huilloc, cultivating relationships with 25 women artisans through meaningful and respectful interactions by listening carefully to their unique needs and their desires futures while learning about the their knowledges through textiles’ creation process.

Join us

Join the international online collaborators and activist network to dedicate your time to support other women! 

Several studies show that volunteering makes you happier: it is good for your body and mind! If you have some skills that could be useful and you would like to contribute, please reach out to us.

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You can contribute with your time, supporting other women setting up their businesses or providing advice.


When you already have your own project or entrepreneurship and are looking for new markets or clients, contact us to make it happen!


If you don’t have time to donate but are interested in support other women, you can do it as an sponsor. Contact us to provide more info of our projects!